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Species Groups
Products which include
  • Solid Sawn & Laminated T+G Roof Deck

  • Patio & Dock

  • Rough Sawn, S1S2E and S4S Boards

  • Rough Sawn and S4S Dimension

  • Structural Joists & Planks,

  • Beams & Stringers, Posts and Timbers

  • OSB, Plywood, Specialty Panel

  • Glulam, LVL, Wood I joist

  • Timber Poles

Services (Project Based)
  • Job Lot and Special Tally Pulled Orders

  • Delivery Service

  • Custom Pattern Milling

  • Custom Resawing, Ripping, Surfacing and Sanding

  • Custom Scrolling for Outlookers, Raftertails and Brackets

  • Coat Priming

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