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Standard Purchasing Process
  1. Sign the Proposal – our process begins once we receive a signed UTS proposal

  2. Received the most updated construction documents

  3. Shop drawings –

    1. The shop drawings will include the following information

      1. Placement plan for the wood structures

      2. Wood structures layout

      3. 3D drawing to show all wood structures

      4. Design Calculation

      5. Structure Loading

      6. Wood to wood connection details

      7. Support Bearing details

      8. Loading Reaction to pass to other structure (Concrete or Steel)

      9. Other special details as required

  4. The UTS drawings sent out for approval.  You will pass along the drawings to the related professionals for their comments, approval and/or changes.

  5. After Shop drawings approved by customer – we will work with the customer to ensure all questions are answered and will do appropriate pricing adjustments at this stage.

  6. UTS will make the changes to the shop drawings and Creating the fabrication drawing

  7. Fabrication instructions and material request are sent to UTS shop.

  8. UTS manufacturing facilities will coordinates delivery with customer

  9. Product delivers

  10. A UTS sales team member will contact to the customer to confirm if there are any other related issues

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