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Corporation Accounts

The engineered structural support available from UTS. UTS will help you to design prototype buildings

  • Includes pre-engineering consulting services

  • Giving the customer to the overall budget for the wood structures

  • Features integrated with high performance wood products

  • A single source for the entire wood structural

  • ALL prefabrication package will send to the job site and ready for installation

Pre-Engineered Services - Bring your prototype plans to UTS!

  • UTS will give the value-engineering

  • UTS work to create the structure with most efficient design and installation

  • UTS will give the quality specifications and drawing on timely fashion

  • We are understanding the budgets, schedule and quality

A Peace pf mind

  • An experienced National Account Representative

  • UTS will make sure the design will meet national building codes

  • A professional package to speed up the approval process

  • UTS will meet you building schedules

  • Onsite support If requested

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